Warriors World

Thank you so much for registering your interest.

If you have not yet agreed to receive our emails, please update your "Marketing Preferences" at the bottom of this page, otherwise you will not get to hear from us.

To help speed up the Joining process for you, please follow the steps below (You can do this later too if you wish of course).

STEP 1. Click the "3x Horizontal Black Lines" (In the top right-hand corner of this page) and then select "< Back / Home" (Written in blue).

STEP 2. Create/Confirm a Password, when prompted.

STEP 3. Take a Selfie (Please remember to Smile and note that you only get 1 chance to upload the photo yourself, but you can change it at the club at a later date if you blink LOL!) - This will be recorded on your customer file for you & us and will not be shared anywhere else. If there is already a photo in this box and you cannot charge it, don’t worry. This was automatically pushed in via another provider which we (& our software provider) have no control over and you can update / amend / remove it here = https://en.gravatar.com - Failing that, please get in touch with us directly at the club and we can arrange for you to send us a picture that you would like to use instead and we can update it for you. Alternatively, we can even take it at the club once we open.

STEP 4. "Update your details" (Just below your profile photo & QR code) and complete the Online Form and then click "Save Changes".

STEP 5. Please click on one/some, or even all, of the Social-Media Images and support our new business by sharing our registration page with your friends and family - Thank you so very much.

STEP 6. Go to your emails (The one you entered when you first registered on here) and find the email from us, "Warriors World". Please open it and then click on the link to "Confirm your account".

STEP 7. Once you have done the above, you can then download the ClubRight Member App from either of the App stores – Just search for "ClubRight" and once it has downloaded, you can then use the same User Name (Your email that you used to register with) and the Password that you have created. You must verify before trying to download the App.

STEP 8. Please note: Do not worry if you do not have a smartphone (or if you do not want the App), just save this website page = https://warriorsworld.clubright.co.uk/Account/LogIn - as a Bookmark / Favourite and you can then log-in via your web-browser, on any device, using your email and password.

Thank you, we really look forward to meeting you soon.